Constitution of Lithuania


Article 14
Lithuanian shall be the State language.

Article 29

(1) All people shall be equal before the law, the court, and other State institutions and officers.
(2) A person may not have his rights restricted in any way, or be granted any privileges, on the basis of his or her sex, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, convictions, or opinions.

Article 37
Citizens who belong to ethnic communities shall have the right to foster their language, culture, and customs.

Article 117

(1) In all courts the investigation of cases shall be open to the public. Closed court sittings may be held in order to protect the secrecy of a citizen's or the citizen's family's private life, or to prevent the disclosure of State, professional, or commercial secrets.
(2) In the Republic of Lithuania court trials shall be conducted in the State language.
(3) Persons who do not speak Lithuanian shall be guaranteed the right to participate in investigation and court proceedings through an interpreter.